Text from a Repeat Client

" Seriously, you are the best real estate agent ever.... I was just perusing Facebook. Saw your hustle post. And just thought 'damn. Now that's a real estate agent.' "
-Apr 2021

Repeat Clients

"Having dealt with literally dozens of real estate agents, Stacie has consistently been a step above, with incredible communication and attention to detail. She treats every purchase--even tiny ones--as if it's a multi-million dollar transaction. There's no other agent I would even consider using in Colorado. " -Nov 2020


" Stacie was incredible throughout the process. Couldn't have asked for a better Realtor. " - Sep 2020

High End Homes

" Stacie could sell million-dollar homes no problem. She deserves a lot more credit and promotion. " -Aug 2020

First Time Buyers

" Stacie was amazing. This was our first home purchase and it was very overwhelming. Total information overload. Stacie made everything clear and easy to understand. She held our hand the whole way and we would follow her to the moon and back. Thank you Stacie! " -Oct 2018

More Money isn't always the Answer

"Stacie was amazing for us! We started the homebuying process on our own by going to see open houses, just to get a feel for the market. We quickly saw a place we wanted to buy and knew we had to jump on it. Stacie had helped our friends find a place and they recommended her, so I gave her a call that day. She listened to what I had to say and started drawing up a contract even though she was driving back from vacation with her family (she assured us she wasn't driving). She made recommendations to help our offer stand out amid other offers, and it wasn't just "let's offer them more money". She knew what she was doing and how to make it work. And it worked! She was then incredibly thorough and helpful in guiding us through the homebuying process, which is complicated and stressful. When some unexpected hurdles came up from the seller toward the end, she just took care of things (with our assent).

I've been involved in the process before in a different state, and while that agent was good and gave me no complaints, he was no Stacie. We simply cannot recommend her enough. " -Apr 2019

Accommodating Low Vision

" Nothing was a problem for her. She took every question and request in stride. Personal service even on the weekends and late hours. As out-of-town buyers, she kept us in the loop and included our daughter to act as our representative. Picked us up as we do not drive. Was a fast out-loud reader, something we appreciated. " -Aug 2018

Changes are part of the process

" Stacie was AMAZING! Thank you for all the time, advice, feedback, and energy you gave to us. Thank you for being calm and understanding when we kept changing our minds on things! " -Aug 2018

Customer Service

" Stacie is an amazing realtor , she was knowledgeable about any questions or concerns we had about searching for a house. Our experience buying a house was not stressful at all and that is all thanks to Stacie ,she would check on us and return our calls very fast . Stacie is excellent at customer service . I would definitely recommend Stacie and Novella to anyone looking for a house. "


" Stacie was amazing! Very knowledgeable and made the home buying experience a breeze. Highly recommend her! " -Apr 2018

Questions to help you decide if Stacie is right for you:

" Stacie is quite simply an incredible realtor. After interviewing multiple realtors in Denver, and after speaking extensively with my mom (who is a licensed realtor in NY and CT) we quickly realized that Stacie is at the top of her game in every respect.

Some questions to help you decide if Stacie is right for you:

Do you want someone who will walk you through every single step of the real estate process, even bringing a binder for you to keep and use throughout the process? Well most realtors don't have that, but Stacie certainly does.

Do you want someone who knows every inch of the Denver metro area market, from suburbs to city center? Stacie is definitely that person.

Do you want someone who finds you the home you love BEFORE its listed? STACIE WILL DO THAT! (and most others simply cannot or will not).

Do you want to ask Stacie INCREDIBLY difficult, nuanced, legal-based questions about some random minutiae??? Guess what-- Stacie will crush those questions!! Trust me- my lawyer girlfriend tested this out multiple times.

Do you want someone who knows the ins and outs of inspections, mortgages, appraisals, making the right offer, closing complexities, hoa documents, zoning permits, easements, and anything else you can think of? Stacie is either an expert in it, or she pulls in the people who are. Stacie is really a one-stop resource for anything you can think of while buying or selling residential real estate.

Do you want someone who CARES, in addition to having all the technical knowledge? Everyone says they care, but we all know actions speak louder than words, and Stacie fits that too a tee. Stacie puts so much care into the process that you would think she is doing things for herself, rather than for you. It is the epitome of great customer service.

And finally-- do you want someone who is NICE, who DOESN'T SUCK, and who you will have FUN working with? Surprisingly, many realtors fail in this category big time, but Stacie is really a great person to work with. She's great with different personality types, and has incredible people skills.

Seriously, it is a mistake to not hire Stacie. She gets eleven thumbs up. " -Mar 2018

Wizard of Some Kind

"Before meeting Stacie, my fiance and I spoke with a few other real estate agents about helping us navigate the wild and crazy Denver metro real estate market. We had two seperate agents literally laugh in our faces when we told them what our price range was and a couple others that just sorta fell out of contact without ever sending us leads on properties to review.

Then came Stacie. Stacie, who took our notion of finding a detached single family home with good walk-ability and solid public transit options for under 300k very seriously. Stacie, who rolled out a battle plan for us, recommended what days and time of year we should be looking to better improve our odds, found AND secured us a $15,000 first-time homeowners grant, negotiated with the sellers on repairs, offered recommendations for contractors, and provided us with a wealth of information on every property we looked at, from the electrical wiring, to the plumbing, and more.

I am pretty sure she is an actual, legitimate wizard of some kind. She was the first agent we've ever worked with in finding and purchasing real estate through, and one who really defined for us what a real estate agent should be. We'll be recommending her to all of our friends, family members and colleagues. Thanks again, Stacie! " -Dec 2017

Repeat Clients

" Not only is Stacie a great person, but she is also an excellent and professional Realtor! At our first meeting she came extremely prepared with a “Buyer Book” that contained relevant, important information about the home-buying process. We then scheduled a “learning day” which consisted of touring several different styles of home – the purpose of this was to help narrow down the features and styles of houses that appealed to us, which made the home search much quicker and easier!

Stacie was always quick to communicate, and if we wanted to see a specific house on short notice she was able to make it happen – this was extremely useful in a market like Denver’s. Her knowledge of houses in general never seemed to end – her background as an engineer, along with previous experience, enabled her to identify potential issues with homes early on. This was very helpful, because we would have had to wait for an inspector to conduct an inspection, otherwise.

Once we decided on a house that we wanted, she conducted research on the comparable homes in the area, providing us with a better idea of how to construct our offer. Our first offer was accepted against 8 other offers, some of which were higher, so that goes to show how great of a Realtor she is! We will definitely be using Stacie as our Realtor in the future! " -Sept 2016

Respected by Peers

" Stacie is a very professional and detailed real estate agent. Her background in engineering certainly provides her with a unique perspective and skill set in selling real estate and assisting her clients with their real estate endeavors.

I have referred friends to Stacie because I know I can trust her to do a great job. When I asked my friends if they were happy with Stacie's performance, they replied, 'Stacie was a perfect match for our home buying experience; she is a wonderful real estate broker who was always very professional and a great resource. I wouldn't hesitate to refer to anyone.' " -Aug 2016