Home Maintenance November 30, 2023

Protect Your Floors for Less Than $2 : Hardwood Floors Tip

Before you host that big holiday dinner, let’s talk about protecting your floors. You wouldn’t want a scratched hardwood floor causing chaos at the family table, right? Well, worry not! Here’s a quick and budget-friendly solution that every homeowner should know.

Ever noticed those felt pads on the bottom of your chairs? They’re lifesavers and they are at Dollar Tree! Before your holiday gathering, take a moment to inspect them. Over time, they can wear down or go missing, leaving your floors vulnerable to scratches. After all, who needs more family drama during the festive season?

But here’s the real pro-tip: these little felt pads have uses beyond just chairs. Let me share some extra spots you might not have thought of.

  1. Between Furniture and Baseboards:
    Especially important if you have dressers or kids’ beds against the walls. Place felt pads on the back of the furniture to cushion against the baseboard. No more worrying about knarly scratches!
  2. Under Vases and Decor:
    Wood tables are beautiful, but they can be easily scratched. Put felt pads under vases, lamps or anything decorative sitting on your tables. This way, even if things get moved around during family gatherings, your table’s finish stays intact.
  3. Cabinet Soft Close:
    If your cabinets don’t have soft close hinges, worry not. Stick small felt pads on the doors to prevent that annoying clunking sound. It’s a simple fix that adds a touch of peace to your daily life.
  4. Closet Doors That Slide:
    Got closet doors that slide? A couple of well-placed felt pads can make all the difference. No more noisy door encounters, or kids clanking doors closed too hard.

These felt pads are like the unsung heroes of home maintenance. They’re cheap, versatile, and can save you from costly floor repairs. Now, let’s talk about where to get them.

Felt Pads Package options - Product from Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree Felt Pads

Yep! Pick them up at your local Dollar Tree.  Or order a crap-ton of them like I do and mail them to people, but I’m that weirdo Realtor lady that sends stuff in the mail…

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So, there you have it—simple, effective, and budget-friendly tips to protect your floors. Say goodbye to floor scratches (and grudges against visiting family members for permanent damage to your home)!