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Top 6 Things To Do To Get Your Home Ready To Sell

If you’re gearing up to sell your home in the South Denver Metro area, there are six crucial steps you should consider. We’ll break down the key tasks that can significantly enhance your home’s appeal, attracting potential buyers and maximizing your proceeds.

1. Fix the Essentials

The first step is addressing major mechanical or functional issues. Ensure your roof is in good condition, the HVAC system works properly, the water heater is functional, and there are no plumbing or electrical issues. Don’t waste money on unnecessary fixes—consult with your realtor early to identify high-impact areas that require attention.
Address the handyman honeydew list, tackling minor issues like broken switch plates or doors that don’t close completely. Buyers often operate on a rule of threes—if they notice three or more issues, they might think the entire house needs work. Stay ahead by tidying up these small imperfections.

2. Prioritize Cleaning for High ROI

Cleaning is the highest return-on-investment (ROI) activity when selling a home. Scrub every nook and cranny, paying attention to often-overlooked areas like window tracks and the backs of doors. A clean home signals to buyers that the property has been well-maintained. Invest in products like Odoban to eliminate odors, and wash curtains to freshen up the living spaces. 

3. Paint to Freshen Up

A fresh coat of paint, both interior and exterior, can work wonders. Stick to neutral tones like Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray for a modern and inviting look. Remember, it’s not just about color; matching the finish is equally crucial to avoid a mismatched appearance.

4. Flooring Matters

Flooring plays a vital role in a home’s appeal. Consider luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring for its durability, easy maintenance, and high ROI. Carpet is suitable for specific areas, like stairs, but keep it clean and in good condition. Ensure your flooring doesn’t become a deal-breaker for potential buyers.

5. Illuminate with Purpose

Invest in quality lighting to enhance your home’s ambiance. Replace outdated fixtures with color-adjustable lighting to create a cohesive look throughout the property. Matching finishes in lighting fixtures contribute to a modern and updated feel, providing a high ROI with a relatively low investment.

6. Upgrade Hardware and Plumbing

Take your home’s appeal to the next level by updating hardware and plumbing fixtures. Modern doorknobs, hinges, bathroom, and kitchen faucets can significantly enhance the overall impression of your property. This DIY-friendly upgrade is cost-effective and delivers a substantial return.

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