Staging Tips March 21, 2023

Staging Tip – Fake Bed for a Bedroom

I just wanted to show y’all a really cheap, easy way to get a bed into a bedroom. So this technically is not a bedroom, it’s not a legal conforming bedroom because we don’t have an egress window, but that’s okay. I still just wanted to show potential buyers how big the room is because rooms will always look smaller when they’re empty. People have a hard time visualizing how big their bed is and they think it’s bigger than it is. So if you actually show them – here’s where a bed is and here’s how much room you have left, it makes the room look bigger. So you can see a queen sized bed doesn’t even take up half of the front wall. So it’s a really good size room. I would’ve centered the bed under the window, put a couple nightstands with a couple lamps. I did that in some other rooms upstairs.

This bed all in cost me $110, maybe $120. I always recommend putting a note on any of your staging beds for any potential buyers to let them know. “Don’t sit on it.” This is not meant to take a lot of activity. It is just meant to show people how big the room is. But when you’re shopping, I’m gonna start top down. So bed in a bag, for a queen size bed, $35-$50. I go to Walmart, TJ Maxx, Home Goods, or Ross.

But when you’re shopping for a bed and a bag for your staging bed, make sure that it has a bed skirt. A lot of times the bed in the bags will come with a sheet set or a bed skirt. Not both depending on the price, but make sure you have a bed skirt. We don’t need sheets, but we do need a bed skirt for this one. It came with the decorative pillows, I did have to buy pillow inserts for the shams, so that’s why I think it was closer to maybe $120 with those.

It’s just a basic bed and a bag with some pillows, right? Cool, that’s awesome. Here’s our comforter, here’s our air mattress. And this is not like the fancy ones that you buy at Costco that blow themselves up and have a headboard that someone’s gonna sleep on. No, this is like the $18 in the camping section mattress. If you’re looking for your cheap inflatable mattresses, go to the camping section. Not the guest bedding section. This one is a pretty thin one, it’s not super huge. I don’t want it big and here’s why. Because I wanna be able to put the bed skirt on underneath of it and the bed skirt. The bed skirt covers the other mattress. So that really gets you up to kind of a normal height. So I do two camping mattresses with the bed skirt in between bed and the bag on top. And you see things flying around because this is what’s underneath – they are empty file boxes. I just picked up a 10 pack at Walmart. I use six for a queen size bed. I would say at least four for a twin. The good part is everything breaks down, it goes flat.

The bed in the bag takes the most space to store. If you’re doing your own staging as a realtor or if you’re worried about packing stuff as a seller. But I’m going to put it in one of those bigger Ziploc vacuum bags because they store in my basement better that way. So anyway, now that you get an idea that for $100 roughly, or $120, you can give people an idea of how big this room really is when you’re selling your property. That is a worthy investment. Staging is worth the money a lot of the time. So anyway, that’s my tip for today. If you’re liking my videos, please subscribe to my channel, I would greatly appreciate it. And if you want to reach out to me directly, you’re welcome to do so as well. My contact information is on my website. Link for contact information is here.