Staging Tips March 21, 2023

Staging a Home with a Fake Bed: An Affordable Solution for South Denver Metro Sellers

Are you considering selling your home in the South Denver Metro area? Staging is a crucial aspect of making your property appealing to potential buyers. In this video, we’ll explore a creative and cost-effective way to stage a bedroom that might not meet all the legal conformities. Let’s dive into the details.

Creating the Illusion of a Bedroom: I’m showcasing a budget-friendly method to introduce a bed into a non-conforming bedroom. While it may not be a legal bedroom due to the lack of an egress window, the goal here is to help potential buyers visualize the room’s size, which can be challenging when the space is empty.

Affordable Staging Setup: To recreate this staging strategy, you’ll need minimal supplies, all of which are reasonably priced. Our host demonstrates using a queen-sized bed, strategically placed to highlight the room’s spaciousness. The entire setup, including the bed, cost around $110-$120.

Staging Supplies and Shopping Tips: Our host shares valuable insights into where to shop for the necessary supplies. Bed-in-a-bag sets, including a bed skirt, can be found at Walmart, TJ Maxx, Home Goods, or Ross, ranging from $35 to $50. Ensuring your set includes a bed skirt is crucial for this particular staging setup. Additionally, a basic air mattress from the camping section (around $18) serves as the foundation for the staged bed. Opt for a thinner mattress to accommodate the bed skirt, giving the illusion of a regular-height bed.

Space-Saving Tricks: To keep the setup streamlined, the host uses empty file boxes (easily available at Walmart) underneath the air mattress. These boxes serve a dual purpose – maintaining the structure of the bed and allowing easy breakdown for storage. While the staged bed may take up some space, our host suggests using larger Ziploc vacuum bags for efficient storage, especially if you’re a DIY realtor or a seller worried about packing.

In conclusion, for approximately $100 to $120, you can invest in creating an impactful visual representation of your property’s bedroom space. Staging, as demonstrated, is a worthy investment that pays off when selling your home.

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Happy staging and successful selling!