Staging Tips March 5, 2024

THE BEST Home Staging Items From ROSS

I want to spill the beans on my favorite home staging items that won’t break the bank, and yes, they are all from Ross. Check out my video on Ross staging finds here!

Before we dive into the goodies, let me spill a little secret – Ross is my staging paradise. Better prices than HomeGoods and a selection that keeps me coming back. Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of my top picks.

1. Lamps: Shedding Light on Style

My absolute favorite – lamps. I’m a self-proclaimed lamp junkie, and for good reason. Lamps, especially when strategically placed, add warmth, homeliness, and a touch of luxury. At Ross, you can snag pairs of lamps at a fraction of the cost you’d find elsewhere. Aim for taller lamps, at least 27 inches or more, to make a real impact. And trust me, you won’t have to break the bank – we’re talking $30-$40 per lamp. Find out more about the lamp magic here!

2. Wall Art: Making a Statement

Large artwork can transform a space, and Ross is a treasure trove for budget-friendly pieces. Opt for canvases over framed art for an easy match with any home’s style. I’m talking about statement pieces, poster size or larger, ranging from $40-$60.

3. Curtains: Framing Elegance

Ross takes the cake for curtain deals. Grommet curtains are my go-to, and Ross offers sets at unbeatable prices. While selection varies, you might score a set of four matching curtains for as low as $25.

4. Bedding: Set the Stage

For a well-staged bedroom, bedding is key. Ross has great deals on bed-in-a-bag sets, perfect for staging. Twin sets for kids’ rooms can be as low as $15-$25, offering comforters, shams, and sometimes even bed skirts. Check out my Staging A Fake Bed for more insights.

5. Throw Pillows: Affordable Accents

Add the finishing touch with throw pillows, and Ross won’t disappoint. At $10 a piece or $20 for a set of two, these accent pieces can elevate the overall look. Remember, cohesion is key – check out my video on Cohesive Staging for pro tips.

6. Rugs: A Touch of Comfort

Rugs play a pivotal role in staging, and Ross has you covered for all types. From entryway rugs to indoor/outdoor and area rugs, you’ll find affordable options. Larger entryway rugs make a statement and keep the space clean. Budget around $8-$12 for most rugs.

Remember, staging is like adding frosting and sprinkles to a cake – it makes your space feel ready to live in without the wear and tear. If you’re considering selling your home in the Denver Metro area, I’d love to chat with you. Book a Home Seller Consultation with me at Calendly/RealtorStacie or call 720-295-9089. Let’s make your home stand out!

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